We are responsible for maintaining the procurement and provision chain, which is crucial for maintaining the proper technical condition and smooth operation of our fleet. Our most important task is to ensure deliveries are made in an efficient and effective manner and at the same time without affecting the vessels' schedule. We equip our units with new devices, spare parts, materials and provisions, along with coordinating the links of the supply chain by contacting crews, suppliers, carriers, agents and departments supervising travel.

Our key tasks include:

  • Negotiating prices with contractors.
  • Selection, selection and approval of suppliers.
  • Supervising the timeliness of deliveries. 
  • Coordinating deliveries directly to the ship's board in accordance with local/international regulations.
  • Maintaining relationships with contractors.
  • Analyzing the domestic and international markets to find alternative sources of supply.

We always put the quality and timeliness of deliveries in first place, bearing in mind the needs and safety of the crews.

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