The Quality Management System (QMS) department develops and implements procedures in accordance with international standards and requirements to optimize operational processes and minimize the risk of accidents onboard our vessels, guarantee that all processes, procedures and maritime practices in our fleet are equivalent to worldwide guidelines. The QMS department in the company is responsible for ensuring safety, quality and environmental protection during vessels operations and office activities. The QMS is the superior department in charge of taking care of all operational aspects in our vessel fleet and with the office.

The department's most important duties include:

  • Supporting the Board of Management, all departments, employees and co-workers of our company.
  • Ensuring the appropriate quality is established according to ISO 9001.
  • Improving and supervising the established environmental policy according to ISO 14001:2015.
  • Supervising the observance of the personal safety of employees and ships in the fleet according to the implemented ISM Code and ISPS Code (ISM & ISPS Code).
  • Training the ships' crews and office staff on the implemented quality, safety, health and environmental management systems (QSHE).
  • Preparing vessels for external audits (SIRE, CDI, Flag, Class).
  • Conducting internal audits of the QSHE management systems implemented in the company, on board the vessels as well as in the office.
  • Deliver adequate IT security in the office and on board the vessels.
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