Unibaltic Crewing is a company that specialises in the recruitment of seafarers and ensuring the constant employment of crews on vessels owned by Unibaltic Shipping. In our daily work, we strictly comply with MLC Maritime Labor Convention (which is accordingly certified).

Our key tasks include:

  • Recruitment of candidates of various nationalities for officer and rating positions.
  • Cooperation with crewing agencies.
  • Creating crew plans.
  • Preparation of documentation such as COE, civil law agreements, letters of guarantee, flag documents, etc. necessary to take up work on the vessel.
  • Crew changes in ports all over the world as well as repatriation to the country of residence.
  • Providing additional necessary training to improve professional qualifications.

The main value of our team is effectively solving the problems of seafarers sea. It comes from the combination of our experience, knowledge, creativity and great commitment. As a result, our team meets the problems faced by our clients in a proper way.

Our goal is to maintain constant crews that, thanks to their experience, will be the best role models for new seafarers starting work on our vessels. We focus on internal promotions and their path is clear and transparent for everyone.


Training and scholarship programme

In cooperation with the Maritime University of Szczecin, in order to maintain the highest level of crew training in an even better way we have created the Mentorship program. This program is aimed at future officers, who are being educated under the supervision of our best Senior Officers. We believe that with comprehensive training along with the dedicated approach to our Mentees, we contribute to greater development which consists of keeping a good level of knowledge, a sense of safety and favourable conditions which facilitate the training process.