Agency & Forwarding

The Agency and Forwarding Department consist of substantive and dedicated staff providing services basis 24/7. We are present in all Polish ports since 2003. Agency performs any activities related to ship handling during cargo operations, shipyard activities including whether maintenance, overhaul or new building projects. We represent shipowners and protect their interests in Polish ports. What makes us as standing out is our individual approach to the client. We approach each entrusted task with diligence and absolute commitment. The backbone of our policy is to keep all parties duly informed. At the same time, we care about the quality of our services, all information regarding the impact on quality, with attention to any details thereof. Personal contact is also important to us.

The agent's responsibilities are not limited but as follows: 

  • Preparation of the so-called pre-arrival documentation.
  • Preparation of relevant cargo documentation.
  • Regular reporting.
  • Arranging widely defined technical services and husbandry. 
  • Reloading operations and warehousing assistance. 
  • Protecting owners interest. 
  • CTM delivery.

Feel free to contact us - we will willingly answer any additional questions.

Agency & Forwarding

Agency services in Polish ports

Since 2003 we are gradually increasing the number of vessels handled along with the rise on the volume side. Apart from standard agency services, we are also acting as a protective agent, hence do not hesitate to appoint us accordingly. 


Tankers handled in 2023


Bulkers handled in 2023


Volume handled in 2023 (in tonnes)



  • Wojciech Gumoś
  • Agency Manager - Gdynia
  • +48 605 073 240
  • Jakub Kończewicz
  • Ship Agent
  • +48 605 073 202
  • Zbigniew Dulewicz
  • Ship Agent
  • +48 605 073 195
  • Maciej Banaszkiewicz
  • Ship Agent assistant
  • +48 605 073 409