We commercially manage 10 ships of the Unibaltic Shipping Ltd fleet, which we employ for the transport of liquid cargoes. We verify market conditions and valuations on an ongoing basis and we charter ships on the basis of various forms of the charter. We have long-term contacts with many well-known domestic and foreign companies for which we provide transport services between European ports. Direct contacts with shipping companies and close cooperation with independent brokerage companies also enable us to provide brokerage services in concluding transport contracts with the use of foreign ships. Our experience gained in the shipping market guarantees professional service and the operation of ships on a 'low profit' basis allows us to offer transport services at very competitive freight rates. All members of the department are graduates of the Maritime University in Szczecin.

Fixing since 2003


We are continuously expanding our capacity and increasing the annual shipped volumes. At the very beginning, we were hardly capable to ship more than 0.5 million tons per annum. At the present time, Unibaltic Group is shipping more than 1.5 million tonnes per annum. And in fact, in 2003 the total DWT was only 3 606 - whereas today it is almost 70 000. 


Voyages in 2023


Cargo volume in 2023 (in tonnes)


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