We are providing highest level of services, focusing on:


Quality, safety and environmental standards.  


Compliance with customers' requirements. 


Reliability and cost-effectiveness. 


Fixing since 2003

The core of our activity is the transport of cargo by sea. Unibaltic has consolidated its position and specialised in chemical and petroleum products shipments. We are classic shipowner, which carries out the vast majority of transport using its own fleet, however, we also offer brokerage services thanks to many years of presence and good relations with other shipowners and brokers on the sea transport market.

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Voyages in 2023


Cargo volume in 2023 (in tonnes)


Unibaltic Shipping vessels

Agency & Forwarding

Agency services in Polish ports

The Agency and Forwarding Department consist of substantive and dedicated staff providing services basis 24/7. We are present in all Polish ports since 2003. Agency performs any activities related to ship handling during cargo operations, shipyard activities including whether maintenance, overhaul or new building projects. We represent shipowners and protect their interests in Polish ports. What makes us as standing out is our individual approach to the client. We approach each entrusted task with diligence and absolute commitment.

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Tanker handled in 2023


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Volume handled in 2023 (in tonnes)

Unibaltic fleet